How Can One Classroom Help?

One Classroom provides:

• Access to expert resources and practitioners
• Funding for training

• Advice on planning and execution

• Funding for materials and tools
• Funding to hire para-professionals

If you are a family, or a parish school, please contact us and learn how One Classroom can help you with

developing an inclusive program.

Why Inclusive Education?

The gospels and the example of our Lord Jesus Christ provide clear and unequivocal instruction to provide for the disabled and disadvantaged. Again and again our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrates His love and a direct, personal, physical commitment to care for the sick, the lame, and those less fortunate. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, One Classroom supports our Catholic schools and Christ's church to provide education for children with disabilities.

A large body of research demonstrates that children educated in Inclusive environments achieve higher academic gains, and  achieve more success after high school. There have been no studies since the 1970's showing better outcomes for students with significant disabilities when they are educated in separate classrooms.  Research also demonstrates that typical peers experience improved academic outcomes and social development.

What Is Inclusive Education?

Inclusive education is educating individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities in the general educational classroom, shoulder to shoulder, with their age peers. Whatever individualized needs a student may have are addressed in the classroom, and not by segregating the student from their peer environment.

Students are educated in the context of an  "inclusive service delivery model" that may include curriculum modifications, support from the general education teacher, peer students, a teaching aid, or specialized teacher. The expectation is that each student maintains progress towards their individual potential.

Who Is One Classroom?

One Classroom is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation dedicated to creating inclusive Catholic educational opportunities for children with special needs in the Saint Louis Archdiocese. We believe every child deserves a Catholic education in their local parish school in full community with their peers!

Blessings To These Inclusive Programs!

These schools are among the first to welcome children with significant special needs into their classrooms:

Our Mission

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Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. ~Matthew 25

• Build Awareness  & Promote  inclusive Catholic education
• Educate about inclusive learning
• Support parish schools
• Connect families & building a community
• Provide access expert resources and practitioners
• Create forums and opportunities to share best practices

• Fundraise and provide funding to schools through grants

• Welcome every child with special needs into our Catholic schools!

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