• Build Awareness  & Promote  inclusive Catholic education
• Educate about inclusive learning
• Support parish schools
• Connect families & building a community
• Provide access expert resources and practitioners
• Create forums and opportunities to share best practices

• Fundraise and provide funding to schools through grants

• Welcome every child with special needs into our Catholic schools!

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Connie Lanaghan, Director of Development:

Colleen Mooney, Director of Programming:

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, One Classroom was founded by parents of children with special needs with the goal of helping our St. Louis, MO archdiocese and parents make inclusive education possible in our parish schools!

Anthony Armitage, Director, Founder:

LeeAnn Armitage, Director, Founder:

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. ~Matthew 25

Fred Brown, Board Member: Fred is the Chairman of the Board and founder of the International Companies of St. Louis. Fred is also founder of the International Charitable Organization. Fred is a member of Annunziata parish in Ladue, MO.

Pat Sly, Board Member: Pat is former executive vice president of Emerson and has a long and distinguished career of supporting and leading charitable organizations and devoting himself to the St. Louis community.

Peggy Sly, Board Member: Peggy has a long history of supporting and leading charitable organizations and is a former educator with direct experience in inclusive education.

Pat Mooney, Board Member: Pat is a successful business leader, current President of Footwear Unlimited, is very involved in his community and charitable organizations. 

Lisa Mooney, Board Member: Lisa is an active participant in St. Louis charitable organizations and an educator with professional experience in support of children with special needs.

Dr. Katy Schierding, Board Member: Katy  is a doctor of education with a specialization in supporting students with special needs. Katy has many years of experience in public schools developing and implementing systems and programs to support exceptional learners. Katy developed one of the first successful inclusion programs in a St. Louis archdiocese parish school at Immaculate Conception Dardenne.

LeeAnn and Anthony are parents of two children and are members of Mary Queen of Peace Parish in Webster Groves, MO. Their youngest child was born with Down syndrome. After extensive research to determine the optimal educational pathway for their son with Down syndrome LeeAnn and Anthony were inspired by inclusive education and the many Catholic schools around the country implementing inclusive programs. The opportunity of inclusive education, a strong belief in Catholic education, and the desire to educate their children together in one school created a passion to help all families of children with special needs and to serve Christ's church by helping our St. Louis archdiocese schools offer a new option for educating children with special needs.

Colleen, her husband Tom, and four children, are memebrs of Annunciation Parish in Webster Groves. Colleen is a former 

5th grade teacher and has her Masters Degree in Special Education. Colleen has authored the One Classroom "Manual For The Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Catholic Schools" and our "A Framework for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities on Catholic High Schools." Colleen works closely with families and our parish schools to develop programs that inclusively welcome children with Special Needs! 


Board of Directors

After 30 years in corporate sales, as a small business owner and a consultant for small nonprofits, Connie made the most fulfilling moves of her career to become the development director at two Catholic/faith-based nonprofits serving women and children. Throughout her life, Connie has passionately promoted Catholic education, volunteering as strategic planning chair, school board member and fundraising chair for several Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Diocese of Belleville. As development director, Connie works to unite the time, talent and treasure of generous friends with One Classroom’s mission, so all can answer Christ’s call to serve the least among us - providing an inclusive Catholic education to every child with special needs who desires it. Connie and her husband are members of St. James Parish in Millstadt, IL, and have two adult daughters who also work in Catholic education.

Our Mission