St. Louis Catholic Schools

There are 45,700 students in St. Louis Archdiocese Catholic Schools making ours the largest school system in Missouri! There are an estimated 650 children with significant special needs in need of a Catholic education. Unfortunately, of those that are “grade level” age only about 50 children receive a Catholic education and almost all of these children are educated in segregated environments.

Is Inclusive Education Expensive?
While every child’s needs are different the estimated average cost per child is $6,000. Ultimately this is offset by tuition and increased enrollment. Inclusive education is efficient! Inclusion is mostly about training, technique, and using existing teaching resources. Additional resources used to support inclusive education benefit all students, not just those with special needs. Inclusive education enables our Catholic schools to better provide differentiated education for all children. Embracing inclusion leads to higher enrollment, better academic outcomes for all students, and higher retention. Once a school develops the institutional capability to be inclusive, welcoming children with special needs more than pays for itself.

Our Goals: Help Us Help More Children & Schools!

- Support new inclusion programs every year until children with special needs are welcome in every St. Louis Archdiocese parish school.

- Grow our fundraising each year and help our archdiocese schools learn to included the estimated six hundred children with significant special needs from families that would choose a Catholic education. 

- To support the transformation of all our archdiocese schools, and provide for their ongoing support, One Classroom plans to:
        -Raise $800,000 annually.      

       - Establish a $8 million dollar endowment for the ongoing support of all of our schools.

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