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Care Team consists of a group of educators who meet weekly in order to ensure the success of any individual student.  The team is usually made up of an administrator, special education teacher, classroom teachers, and possibly a counselor or nurse who come together to brainstorm ways to help a student who is struggling academically, socially, behaviorally, emotionally, or at home.  A child can be "care teamed" by anyone in the school who has a concern, after several interventions have been tried over varying locations and time. It is imperative to document previously attempted interventions before coming to Care Team.  This can be done as simply as keeping a running list of interventions tried, along with dates, setting, duration, and outcome.  Each intervention should be tried more than once across settings before eliminating.  It is just as important for the team to know what interventions are not working for a child in order to figure out what will work or to see if testing might be helpful.  

Care Team is not a route to asking a child to leave the school. Catholic schools take care of all of our children. Care Team is only used to put our heads together in order to help a child succeed, as is the goal for every student in Catholic schools. If Care Team is not successful, look to outside sources like experts in the parish community or pursuing further testing through the local school district for help. Then keep trying. We don’t give up on our children.